Bianca Modesti

Melbourne born and raised, Bianca Modesti is a professional singer, songwriter and all-round entertainer with a sound all her own and lyrics ready to bring out the inner powerhouse in all of us. Under the mentorship of Steven Zammit and possessing a Bachelors Degree for Music and Contemporary Performance, Bianca invites her audience into her own world through truthful and relatable lyrics, with a style range that brings a little 90’s indie rock and collides it perfectly with a modern tone and hooks that draw you in. Broaching subjects on love, life, fear and forgiveness, each song is a step forward with empowerment for her listeners and herself. 

Having spent the last year growing and recording her new 5 track EP “Race Against Time”, Bianca is an upcoming Aussie artist who’s not afraid to speak her truth. Each track brings out a strength and an unquenchable desire to dump someone, quit your job and just strut your ass down the main street singing along. There’s a little softness to each edge and the well captured contrast sets the tone for the future of this local artist.

 She’s just wrapped up filming a music video for her upcoming single “Betrayal”, a song that touches on toxic relationships and the ultimate strength in walking away. This song and the EP it’s drawn from is sure to hit home and really encourage us all to woman up, be bold and stake your own claim on the world